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ESL 🤝 FACEIT are teaming up

Competitive gaming is about starting your own path, challenging your game, and aiming to become a World Champion one day. This is at the core of what ESL and FACEIT have been building over the last twenty years, and now we are teaming up.

TL;DR: Joining forces to build a house of communities, support more regions and grassroots initiatives, and provide further stability in a rapidly growing landscape. Plus: 💥 Some first action!

We are excited to share the news of the merger between ESL and FACEIT that will elevate the landscape of esports with the help of our new investors, Savvy Gaming Group.* If you’d like to know more about the ESL FACEIT Group, please see our press release here.

For years, both companies have been developing projects independently in esports. Today we are teaming up to create more integrated, accessible and sustainable ecosystems for fans, players and teams of multiple games.

Our brands (FACEIT, DreamHack, ESL, ESEA, and Badlion) will continue operating as before. Each in its own style. You can still grind on FACEIT and FPL, rank up on ESEA Leagues, watch great matches play out at IEM Katowice, and be part of the gaming community at DreamHack festivals.

By working together within the same group, we are in a better position to make long term investments and create strong synergies across multiple products to support the development of competitive gaming.


Principles and Directions

As our teams come together, we would like to share the direction we want to take across games.

🚀 Show players their “path to pro” and the progress they make. Discover rising stars. We will expand our offering of online competitions and integrate them directly into the professional team circuits. Our focus will be on developing strong coaching and learning programs at the amateur level while simultaneously using our professional esports broadcasts to elevate and tell the stories of up-and-coming teams and players.

🌎 Support more players, in more regions. Help grassroots development and local scenes take their place in a global community. In order to allow for true global competition, we are mixing online play with amateur and professional LAN events to build a stable grassroots level. Independent tournament organizers will be supported in building their local competitions and global representation.

📈 Further develop our tools and technology to give everyone access to smooth and fair competitive environments. Competition is only legitimized through equal and fair experiences for all players. We will continue to aggressively develop our server infrastructure, tournament tools, and anti-cheat solutions across multiple games to provide a level playing field. This technology will continue to be accessible to everyone for free.


First things first

We are already hard at work on some of the immediate initiatives. Check out the following links for a first glimpse of our first programs in CS:GO, a community we’re deeply rooted in. This list will continue to grow – and more games will be covered.

Thank you for being a part of the esports journey. You: The players, fans and colleagues bring all of this to life.


Your ESL & FACEIT Team



FAQ – (Last update 25.01.2022)

You can find a CS:GO specific FAQ here.

Q: Does this transaction change your values or what you stand for?

Esports and competitive gaming are for everyone, everywhere. We will continue to welcome players, fans, creators, talents and employees from all backgrounds into our arenas, festivals and platforms.

Q: Are there changes to who can participate in the competitions?

Our competitions remain open for everyone to participate in, and our platforms continue to provide a fair playing ground with equal chances for all. Everyone is welcome here.

Q: Is there any plan to move competition locations?

All tournaments for CS:GO, SC2, and DOTA 2 will be happening in their announced locations at their announced times. Our future 2023+ calendars will be locked in towards the end of the year.

Q: Will there be changes to #GGFORALL?

We believe in #GGFORALL and are planning to further extent our initiatives over the next years to tackle discrimination, promote mental wellbeing and progress environmental sustainability in esports. A concrete first step is expanding the Women’s CS:GO Circuit into South America right from the get-go, based on the important feedback from the community.

Q: Are the calendars for ESL Pro Tour changing, and occupying more space in the calendar?

Our priority is to elevate our existing ESL Pro Tour events and increase their engagement levels (e.g. with FACEIT Twitch Drops, Co-Streaming). We’re not looking to add additional tournaments to the CS:GO and SC2 calendar.

We will be looking out for your feedback on social media and keep adding more questions and answers to this FAQ.


* The approval process is expected to close in Q2 2022, pending regulatory approval.